Venus in Aries trine retrograde Jupiter in Sagittarius 9th May 2019.

Venus at 23 degrees 5 minutes Aries is trine retrograde Jupiter at 23 degrees 5 minutes Sagittarius at 4.56 pm GMT 5.56 pm BST 9th May 2019.

Although there is the temptation to give into laziness, there is a spark to seek fun instead of expecting it to find you. A pleasant respite from obligations and drudgery are available, so if you want it don’t turn it away. Financial investments can benefit from this transit and rewards may be received due to wise choices made in the past. For those who are dating, they should allow themselves to be encouraged to be assertive about their best traits. An optimistic and philosophical belief in meeting the right person at the right time will help to avoid incompatible matches.

© Sarah Cochrane 2019.

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