Venus in Leo square Uranus in Taurus 2nd August 2019

Venus at 6 degrees 35 minutes Leo is square Uranus at 6 degrees 35 minutes Taurus at 10.01 am GMT 11.01 am BST 2nd August 2019.

Turbulence could arise that affect the stability of relationships if there is a clash of egos, or there is a disagreement about who wants to take the lead in where the relationship is going. If the more extrovert person dominates the partnership the person who is less outgoing may want to break the status quo, to serve their own interests instead of bring passive to maintain harmony with their partner.

 In financial matters, take care not to overspend on luxuries without leaving enough money to pay the bills. Just because you want it doesn’t mean you should have it. Also be prepared to have a sensible amount of money in reserve that can be quickly accessed, just in case there is an unexpected payment that has to be made.

© Sarah Cochrane 2019.

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