Venus in Virgo trine retrograde Saturn in Capricorn 1st September 2019.

Venus at 14 degrees 8 minutes Virgo is trine retrograde Saturn at 14 degrees 8 minutes Capricorn at 6.49 pm GMT 7.49 pm BST 1st September 2019.

Making an effort to stabilise romantic relationships and accept responsibility as and when it should be taken will be appreciated. Social contact with those who are older or have more life experiences than you do should go well, and you could find there is a lot more you can learn from them than expected; especially in how to connect with people. In financial issues it’s a good idea to re-evaluate what work you need to do and how to be efficient, to obtain what you seek in order to be content with what you have, or at the very least try to be more affluent.

© Sarah Cochrane 2019.

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