Mercury in Virgo square Jupiter in Sagittarius 6th September 2019.

Mercury at 15 degrees 30 minutes Virgo is square Jupiter 15 degrees 30 minutes Sagittarius 7.12 am GMT 8.12 am BST 6th September 2019.

Optimism is apparent when setting your sights high in forming aspirations and goals you would like to reach. However, this will need careful planning. There is a struggle to attend to the necessary details and to see the overall picture at the same time. Pangs of anxiety may inhibit the ability to grab what life can offer. It’s acceptable to pay attention to the “what ifs”, but mentally crippling yourself with too many concerns about what could happen won’t do you any favours. On the other hand, not having a plan at all will have wide ranging consequences that will waste your time and resources.

© Sarah Cochrane 2019.

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