Jupiter in Sagittarius square retrograde Neptune in Pisces 21st September 2019.

Jupiter at 17 degrees 0 minutes Sagittarius is square retrograde Neptune at 17 degrees 0 minutes Pisces at 4.44 pm GMT 5.44 pm BST 21st September 2019.

Harsh doses of reality will get in the way of bringing your dreams and ideals into practice. Those who want to lead you on the wrong path if it suits their own motives could give the impression they are doing to because they want to be helpful; don’t be fooled. Seek the truth and use your own judgement. Also be aware of what appears to be a good cause may not be all it seems. Don’t get carried away with the enthusiasm of those who encourage your involvement in what they believe is right, as they could mainly be interested in taking advantage of any generosity you can offer.

© Sarah Cochrane 2019.

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