Mercury in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces 20th December 2019.

Mercury at 16 degrees 4 minutes Sagittarius is square Neptune at 16 degrees 4 minutes Pisces at 4.20 am GMT 20th December 2019.

Disagreements and arguments are a possibility if you are blunt and outspoken with those who are vague or deceptive with what they tell you. Those who try to evade giving a clear answer to a question are not easy for you to tolerate, and they won’t necessarily appreciate being pushed to tell the truth. It can be difficult, but stand your ground if you want an honest answer. Adventurous schemes or ideas that you’re enthusiastic about may hit the odd obstacle where there is a lack of certainty in how to overcome them. Try not to give in to poor judgement; it will cause confusion if you make decisions impulsively.

© Sarah Cochrane 2019.

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