Venus conjunction Neptune in Pisces 27th January 2020.

Venus is conjunction Neptune at 16 degrees 57 minutes Pisces at 8.01 pm GMT 27th January 2020.

An appreciation of what you emotionally value could be based on fantasy rather than reality. Romantic idealism may make an appearance and there will definitely be some people who will have their rose-tinted glasses on. By all means enjoy receiving admiration or affection, but take into account it may not be sincere. Taking a break from the obligations and demand of reality is very appealing during this transit. It’s easy to lose track of how quickly minutes turn into hours if you’re engrossed in what is usually a distraction, which can turn into a pleasant but not particularly constructive use of your time. For those who are creative they are easily able to use their imagination and find plenty of inspiration, where the results of their creative efforts are fascinating, charming or aesthetically easy on the eye.

© Sarah Cochrane 2020.

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