Retrograde Mercury in Pisces sextile Mars in Capricorn 26th February 2020.

Retrograde Mercury at 6 degrees 44 minutes Pisces is sextile Mars at 6 degrees 44 minutes Capricorn at 5.59 am GMT 26th February 2020.

Although there may be a reluctance to discuss emotional issues, being brave enough to do so if it’s needed will help you to act against how those issues have held you back. A compassionate view of the vulnerabilities of others could persuade you not to be so quick to criticise them if they behave in a manner that you don’t understand. However, you shouldn’t tolerate any nonsense either. Generally it’s a good idea to listen carefully not just to what is said but how it’s said before you respond. This can be particularly useful if you want to have the edge over everyone else if good opportunities arise.

© Sarah Cochrane 2020.

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