Mercury in Taurus trine retrograde Saturn in Aquarius 12th May 2020.

Mercury at 1 degree 57 minutes Gemini is trine retrograde Saturn at 1 degree 57 minutes Aquarius 8.15 pm GMT 9.15 pm BST 12th May 2020.

An ability to be alert enough to pay attention to all the facts and figures for important matters is heightened. A hint of inventiveness won’t go amiss when working through tasks that require concentration and a methodical process of checking and rechecking all is at it should be. Creating order out of chaos can happen as long as it’s not boring or tedious. If you want to catch authority figures that are normally considered in a position of control, especially those who are associated with the government, make sure you are as accurate as possible. If they frequently change their stance or what they stand for you should have nothing to lose by criticising what you perceive to be incompetence.

© Sarah Cochrane 2020.

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