Retrograde Mercury in Cancer square Mars in Aries 8th July 2020.

Retrograde Mercury at 6 degrees 7 minutes Cancer is square Mars at 6 degrees 7 minutes Aries at 10.42 am GMT 11.42 am BST 8th July 2020.

Incorrect information could lead you in the wrong direction that results in having to react quickly to avoid walking into difficult situations that you don’t want to walk into. Emotional responses to comments or criticism should be handled with care. Being too quick to take action based on what is said won’t be a good option to take as this increases the chances of doing something you later regret. If someone chooses to hurt you with words in order to step on one of your nerves or to antagonise, please don’t let anger get the better of you. If this happens it’s best to bite your tongue and keep as calm as you can. This is especially the case if they’re being vindictive; don’t give them the satisfaction of upsetting you to the point where you do or say something stupid.

© Sarah Cochrane 2020.

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