Sun in Pisces sextile Uranus in Taurus 25th February 2021

The Sun at 7 degrees 29 minutes Pisces is sextile Uranus at 7 degrees 29 minutes Taurus at 9.13 pm GMT 25th February 2021.

Dodging challenging events will help you to hone your skills in avoiding what is physically and emotionally taxing. Inspiration may appear to come from nowhere. Sure there are distractions that at first will seem like interesting diversions that don’t have a purpose. But this is not necessarily the case, because there will be unexpected opportunities that arrive, which will be missed if you’re not willing to follow a diversion from what is expected of you. Moving away from limitations that until now you have felt obligated to follow should be fairly easy to do. Visualise what you want to do and create your own path to travel instead of another person’s footsteps.

© Sarah Cochrane 2021.

Mars in Taurus trine Pluto in Capricorn 25th February 2021

Mars at 25 degrees 55 minutes Taurus is trine Pluto at 25 degrees 55 minutes Capricorn at 1.44 am GMT 25th February 2021.

Now is a favourable time to actively make practical changes with the intention of evolving parts of yourself and your life that are no longer beneficial to you. This is a slow and steady process with some steep hills to climb, but it won’t be as daunting as you first anticipated. Nothing will be achieved if you’re not willing to make the effort; occasionally you may have to charge headlong, but overall a consistent use of your energy is the best way forward. The harder you work the more you will achieve. With care and perseverance, severe disruption can be kept to a minimum.

© Sarah Cochrane 2021.

Venus in Aquarius square Mars in Taurus 19th February 2021

Venus at 23 degrees 1 minute Aquarius is square Mars at 23 degrees 1 minute Taurus at 11.04 pm GMT 19th February 2021.

Any effort to make you life more comfortable in terms of financial or materialistic resources will demand hard work and stamina; laziness won’t be rewarded. It’s possible you may have to make more effort than expected to get the rewards you seek. Stubbornness is a disadvantage right now due to the disagreements it causes. In romantic relationships, resentment caused by a lack of freedom that was enjoyed before the relationship started may cause discord, but it’s not serious enough to damage the bond that is shared between both people. For those who are single and seeking a partner; what is desired may be so unusual or a lack of commitment could be placing obstacles in the way.

© Sarah Cochrane 2021.

Saturn in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus 17th February 2021

Saturn at 7 degrees 14 minutes Aquarius is square Uranus at 7 degrees 14 minutes Taurus at 7.07 pm GMT 17th February 2021.

Freedom is restrained by responsibilities or those in authority and there are destabilising changes that will occur. The limits in place at the moment are very frustrating and hard work; depressing for some but overall not a lot of fun. However, they are necessary to regain the liberty that was taken for granted in the past. Nothing will be as it was and tough circumstances are unavoidable. There is a time and place to rebel, unfortunately during this transit it’s not one of them. Rules can be broken but the consequences of doing that are complicated to predict.

© Sarah Cochrane 2021.

Retrograde Mercury conjunction Jupiter in Aquarius 14th February 2021

Retrograde Mercury is conjunction Jupiter at 13 degrees 21 minutes Aquarius at 9.40 pm GMT 14th February 2021.

A look back at subjects or ideas that have gained your interest will help you to broaden your comprehension of them. For big and bold plans that are innovative or out of the ordinary, this transit provides the chance to review them in more detail, rather than just seeing the big picture. Getting carried away with your enthusiasm when creating plans is not wise, because there is the possibility you could promise more than you can deliver. Mainly, this is a good transit for gathering information and knowledge from sources you wouldn’t normally seek. What you learn may alter your beliefs and opinions.

© Sarah Cochrane 2021.

Mars in Taurus sextile Neptune in Pisces 14th February 2021

Mars at 19 degrees 43 minutes Taurus is sextile Neptune at 19 degrees 43 minutes Pisces at 2.13 am GMT 14th February 2021.

Rapid or impulsive action is unlikely and taking the initiative is based on a combination of common sense and intuition. Be aware that what appear to be ideal opportunities may not prove to be what they seem when put into practice. Practical effort into creative endeavours will have positive and productive results. Take advantage of any chance to escape the demands of reality for a while. This can help you to build your strength up both physically and spiritually. For anyone who is involved in charity work or working for a good cause, will find their contributions provide stability and resources to those who are in desperate need of assistance.

© Sarah Cochrane 2021.

Retrograde Mercury conjunction Venus in Aquarius 13th February 2021

Retrograde Mercury is conjunction Venus at 14 degrees 42 minutes Aquarius at 7.49 am GMT 13th February 2021.

Attention is drawn to the desire to reconnect with friends or acquaintances you haven’t contacted for a while. Whether this happens or not is another matter, but the idea springs into your mind. Discussions veer towards being trivial and pleasant with little interest in arguments or heated debates. An open mind is encouraged in the choice of subject matter, but don’t expect any drawn out and passionate debates. Technology is the main medium for interaction, which has a higher that usual chance of having a few glitches. They’re not going to be seriously disruptive, just a bit of a nuisance. This transit can be useful for planning social events, holidays, weddings or parties in the future when there is the freedom for them to take place.

© Sarah Cochrane 2021.

Venus conjunction Jupiter in Aquarius 11th February 2021

Venus is conjunction Jupiter at 12 degrees 35 minutes Aquarius at 3.00 pm GMT 11th February 2021.

Good fortune may arrive in an unexpected form but there is the temptation to waste it. This is especially the case if there is a sudden windfall. If this applies to you be rational and don’t spend it all at once. Kindness and generosity is emphasised in relationships, but it’s done with genuine affection without being overly sentimental or emotional. For those seeking a new relationship in their love life they will do well to keep an open mind about what they want from a partner; independence and freedom are key issues. Overall there may be increased optimism and hope for better times ahead during the present unusual circumstances that have been testing humanity.

© Sarah Cochrane 2021.

Retrograde Mercury in Aquarius square Mars in Taurus 10th February 2021

Retrograde Mercury at 17 degrees 43 minutes Aquarius is square Mars at 17 degrees 43 minutes Taurus at 12.16 pm GMT 10th February 2021.

People could become very irritable for the strangest reasons, so tread carefully if you want to or have to be assertive. A plan of action that would normally be reliable can hit obstructions or be disrupted by glitches, which will be really frustrating. Schedules may have to be postponed or restructured to adapt to unforeseen or extraordinary events. This is a blow if the speed of progress has been slow, but once in a while disruption is necessary to speed things up a bit, no matter how demanding it will be. Also during this transit there can be an increase in delays or accidents when travelling, so be extra vigilant and prepared for the possibility not all will run smoothly.

© Sarah Cochrane 2021.

Retrograde Mercury conjunction Sun in Aquarius 8th February 2021

Retrograde Mercury is conjunction the Sun at 20 degrees 1 minute Aquarius at 1.48 pm GMT 8th February 2021.

Review how you interact with people and the overall outlook you have on life to see what progress can be made. You can make plans for what needs to be adapted and where you want more freedom of expression, but try to wait until Mercury goes direct before you discuss what you plan to do. Plenty of consideration can be given to what you’re able to change and how to think differently about your sense of identity and how it affects your self-esteem. Reassess how you express your opinions and have the confidence to share your point of view. It’s possible you will have less concern with what others think of you, which may cause a few problems but it’s nothing you can’t handle.

© Sarah Cochrane 2021.