Mars in Leo square Jupiter in Taurus 23rd May 2023

Mars at 1 degree 28 minutes Leo is square Jupiter at 1 degree 28 minutes Taurus at 5.13 am GMT 6.13 am BST 23rd May 2023.

Accepting more work than you are capable of managing, due to overconfidence in how much you can do, isn’t wise and could lead to failure. In this case pride will come before a fall. Although there may be a perception of having more strength and resilience, physically and psychologically it won’t last as long as you think it will. Gaining more territory whether it’s literally or metaphorically, is challenging but not impossible. You may have a battle on your hands. Being too proud to ask for guidance from those who have gone before you will be foolish and a waste of the assistance that’s available.

© Sarah Cochrane 2023.

Jupiter in Taurus square retrograde Pluto in Aquarius 18th May 2023

Jupiter at 0 degrees 18 minutes Taurus is square retrograde Pluto at 0 degrees 18 minutes Aquarius at 12.50 am GMT 1.50 am BST 18th May 2023.

Rebelling against the beliefs of the majority that has been integrated into society will be hard going; even if they are logically proven to be wrong. This is because certain beliefs have been maintained for so long, there will be immense resistance if they’re challenged. Taking control of your finances, especially investments, loans and debts is not necessarily the nicest of experiences. Not doing so could be severely financially destructive; it can’t be ignored. Harsh truths about how much is spent and how big debts have become may be overwhelming; doing nothing will make matters worse. Also wasting money is extremely inadvisable. You will need as much financial reserves as you can build up, so you have freedom from worrying about not having enough to live on if your income suddenly decreases and costs rise.

© Sarah Cochrane 2023.

Venus conjunction Jupiter in Aries 2nd March 2023

Venus is conjunction Jupiter at 12 degrees 9 minutes Aries at 5.37 am GMT 2nd March 2023.

Impulsively going for what you want with little or no consideration for the risk involved could be seen as foolhardy. However, if that risk pays off, what you gain will be all yours and you won’t have to share it with anyone. Investments made at this time have to be made quickly where the only judgement you can rely on is your own. At social gatherings you will have to be bold or brave enough to come out of your shell if you usually avoid being the centre of attention. The bigger the presence you have the more people will be attracted to you, whether as a friend, ally or an amorous interest.

© Sarah Cochrane 2023.

Mercury in Aquarius sextile Jupiter in Aries 18th February 2023

Mercury at 9 degrees 29 minutes Aquarius is sextile Jupiter at 9 degrees 29 minutes Aries at 2.14 am GMT 18th February 2023.

Keep an open mind to all the options and opportunities within your grasp, and take the first steps to put yourself in the position where you can get the most out of them. Don’t follow in the footsteps of your predecessors; have the courage to be pioneering instead. Just because no one else is doing what you do doesn’t mean that it’s not a good idea. If you want support from those who are supportive of your plans, then do what you can to persuade them to back you; even if from their perspective it’s a gamble. A unique take on what you think can be improved upon for the future; especially in investment and development has the best chance of gaining their attention.

© Sarah Cochrane 2023.

Sun in Aquarius sextile Jupiter in Aries 25th January 2023

The Sun at 4 degrees 48 minutes is sextile Jupiter at 4 degrees 48 minutes Aries at 1.31 am GMT 25th January 2023.

Going along with your own drumbeat and showing off your unique traits can open up new opportunities that are more suited to you than anyone else. If you want to gain attention for your knowledge and experience, do it on your own terms in your own way. Those in a position of authority or who have a wealth of resources to hand will be looking for alternative and innovative projects to take a chance on. Looking to technological developments for the future is very much the focus at the moment. It will become clear it’s not an option to stay stuck in the past.

© Sarah Cochrane 2023.

Venus in Aquarius sextile Jupiter in Aries 4th January 2023

Venus at 1 degree 37 minutes Aquarius is sextile Jupiter at 1 degree 37 minutes Aries at 9.09 am GMT 4th January 2023.

If you want to meet up with your friends just to have some fun, this moment is a good one to pick. There may not be any particular schedule to stick to, but there could be a few pleasant surprises in store. In financial and legal matters, not following the herd and instead choosing your own unique route should work out as the best option for you. Long distance travel to unusual locations or places where you will have the freedom to do as you please will strongly appeal. Interaction at social events with people you wouldn’t normally encounter can be interesting and enjoyable.

© Sarah Cochrane 2023.

Mercury in Sagittarius square Jupiter in Pisces 6th December 2022

Mercury at 29 degrees 4 minutes Sagittarius is square Jupiter at 29 degrees 4 minutes Pisces at 7.06 am GMT 6th December 2022.

Big plans can be created, but getting organised to bring them into reality is another matter entirely. There is a lot of talking but not a lot of doing. Falling into the trap of thinking everything will sort itself out won’t provide success. Those who want to preach their beliefs may be confronted by those who disagree with them. If direct questions are asked that don’t have a clear answer there is a lack of faith in the response that is given. Exaggeration happens more often and when an accurate account of events is requested, it will be blunt and direct.

© Sarah Cochrane 2022.

Sun in Scorpio trine retrograde Jupiter in Pisces 21st November 2022

The Sun at 28 degrees 49 minutes Scorpio is trine retrograde Jupiter at 28 degrees 49 minutes Pisces at 4.06 am GMT 21st November 2022.

Sticking to your own beliefs instead of being persuaded to go along with what others believe, will give you strength. Personal judgement is less forgiving, but not with nasty intentions. This has the purpose to filter out those who are deserving of your benevolence from those who are not. You could find that you are in the right place at the right time. If good fortune happens to fall “onto your lap” it’s best to keep it to yourself, rather than brag about it. Those who are deserving of good karma could find it occurs during this transit, especially if they have recently gone through tough times.

© Sarah Cochrane 2022.

Mercury in Scorpio trine retrograde Jupiter in Pisces 16th November 2022

Mercury at 28 degrees 54 minutes Scorpio is trine retrograde Jupiter at 28 degrees 54 minutes Pisces 3.44 pm GMT 16th November 2022.

Studying a subject in depth that you feel emotionally connected to and possibly passionate about can reveal a wealth of knowledge that is inspiring. There is a lot that can be learned with little effort. Judicial reviews that cover details which have been missed may offer enlightening insights into what should already have been known. Detective work is also favoured during this transit. If a softer approach is taken with taboo subjects, empathy will go a long way.

© Sarah Cochrane 2022.

Venus in Scorpio trine retrograde Jupiter in Pisces 15th November 2022

Venus at 28 degrees 56 minutes Scorpio is trine retrograde Jupiter at 28 degrees 56 minutes Pisces at 9.37 am GMT 15th November 2022.

Accept no compromises with choices that are made about finances and what you need to be materialistically comfortable. Emotional blackmail and demands for money for what are portrayed to be good causes won’t succeed. Spending as a form of escapism is reined in, which creates more resources for what you really want. Dream big by all means, but don’t invest in it just yet. Taking a look at where money has been wasted under the belief it can be easily replaced should be misplaced but could actually happen.

© Sarah Cochrane 2022.