Mercury in Libra square Jupiter in Capricorn 17th September 2020

Mercury at 17 degrees 26 minutes Libra is square Jupiter at 17 degrees 26 minutes Capricorn at 10.35 am GMT 11.35 am BST 17th September 2020.

Although an expansive range of long-term plans can be made, indecision about what those plans should be will be a major hindrance. An avoidance of discussing the challenges ahead and instead preferring to rely on having faith in a favourable result is unwise. Also taking on too much paperwork or administrative work, with the intention of being as sure as possible all the necessary information is covered will be too much of a burden on your mind. If this happens there may be too much attention paid to a large amount of small details which are not essential, and the essential information may be missed.

© Sarah Cochrane 2020.

Sun in Virgo trine retrograde Jupiter in Capricorn 9th September 2020

The Sun at 17 degrees 26 minutes Virgo is trine retrograde Jupiter at 17 degrees 26 minutes Capricorn at 4.05 pm GMT 5.05 pm BST 9th September 2020.

Picking apart the pieces of the dominant issues in your life that need to be analysed before they are improved should go relatively smoothly. Self-criticism is not necessarily a negative trait at the moment, as it allows you to see your strengths and weaknesses to gain further knowledge about yourself. Recognition for your achievements that was overlooked or delayed may arrive, but the rewards could be received after Jupiter turns direct from retrograde motion. There is a cautious level of optimism where travel and finances are concerned, whilst taking into account it won’t all be plain sailing; conscientiousness and effort will pay off though.

© Sarah Cochrane 2020.

Mercury in Virgo trine retrograde Jupiter in Capricorn 29th August 2020.

Mercury at 17 degrees 44 minutes Virgo is trine retrograde Jupiter at 17 degrees 44 minutes Capricorn at 1.29 pm GMT 2.29 pm BST 29th August 2020.

Developing detailed plans for a brighter future can be ambitious without being over the top. Take another look at all the information that is the most useful to you and don’t shy away from seeking assistance from those who have gained wisdom from experience. There is a preference to avoid rather than confront mentally taxing problems; as it turns out this probably won’t be a serious issue. The mind can be opened up to many solutions which have been overlooked to what has played on your mind and needs to be resolved. Chances are the easy options are readily available and just as effective.

© Sarah Cochrane 2020.

Venus in Cancer opposition retrograde Jupiter in Capricorn 25th August 2020

Venus at 17 degrees 56 minutes Cancer is opposition retrograde Jupiter at 17 degrees 56 minutes Capricorn at 10.27 pm GMT 11.27 pm BST 25th August 2020.

Self-indulgence can provide a source of comfort and enjoyment, but a sensible hand holds the purse strings, so don’t expect any grand and extravagant expressions of wealth. You may feel like you want to spend more than you should on little luxuries to make you feel good, but this should be balanced with holding onto what resources you have so you can be better prepared for harder times ahead.

© Sarah Cochrane 2020.

Mars in Aries square retrograde Jupiter in Capricorn 4th August 2020

Mars at 19 degrees 45 minutes Aries is square retrograde Jupiter at 19 degrees 45 minutes Capricorn 1.06 pm GMT 2.06 pm BST 4th August 2020.

Spreading your energy far and wide with little thought before proceeding can be fraught with difficulties, which are only lessened if wisdom and sensible judgement kick in. It’s vital to keep track of what you are doing if new projects are to be initiated during this transit, especially where finances are concerned. It’s too risky to spend large amounts impulsively with little consideration about the consequences of being wasteful with what may be relied upon in the near future. Blind optimism in the belief that all will be well if this option is chosen will be very much misguided.

© Sarah Cochrane 2020.

Mercury in Cancer opposition retrograde Jupiter in Capricorn 30th July 2020

Mercury at 20 degrees 18 minutes Cancer is opposition retrograde Jupiter at 20 degrees 18 minutes Capricorn at 2.18 pm GMT 3.18 pm BST 30th July 2020.

It’s fine to be optimistic if you think and feel its right for you, but don’t give in to the urge to create grand plans that you can’t wriggle out of and will be hard work to implement. A reluctance to let go of concepts that you are attached to could hold you back in expanding your horizons. Seeing the big picture in your current circumstances is the easy part, but seeing the small changes that could build up to move mountains is a hindrance.

© Sarah Cochrane 2020.

Retrograde Jupiter in Capricorn sextile retrograde Neptune in Pisces 27th July 2020.

Retrograde Jupiter at 20 degrees 39 minutes Capricorn is sextile retrograde Pluto at 20 degrees 39 minutes Capricorn at 4.14 pm GMT 5.14 pm BST 27th July 2020.

A revisit to the ideals that you dream of and want to work towards attaining will give you a chance to reassess what your goals are or should be. Although ambitions formed now could be unrealistic; sound judgement can put the least feasible options to one side. There are opportunities for success and lucky breaks, but you will have to be on the lookout for them; don’t expect them to land in your lap. Also don’t ignore any wisdom from those who are older or who have a wealth of experience; use it to your advantage. Especially if chances that appear too good to be true pop up and where it’s easy to see the pros and cons may be obscured.

© Sarah Cochrane 2020.

Sun in Cancer opposition retrograde Jupiter in Capricorn 14th July 2020.

The Sun at 22 degrees 20 minutes Cancer is opposition retrograde Jupiter at 22 degrees 20 minutes Capricorn at 7.59 am GMT 8.59 am BST 14th July 2020.

Those who have a greedy streak in their personality are less inclined to be generous to those who try to pull on their heart strings. Instead they will prefer to expand their own resources and wealth to make sure they have plenty in reserve if at any time they need to feel protected from potential hardship due to previous excesses. Nurturing what is most important to you is seen as a priority during this transit. Drawing upon the wisdom of your own experiences, or of those who have gained success through hard work and ambition could be what you should do now. Sure you can follow your gut instinct but remember to keep a sensible head on your shoulders too.

© Sarah Cochrane 2020.

Retrograde Jupiter conjunction retrograde Pluto in Capricorn 30th June 2020.

Retrograde Jupiter is conjunction retrograde Pluto at 24 degrees 6 minutes Capricorn at 6.40 am GMT 7.40 am BST 30th June 2020.

Although there could be an immense drive to expand your horizons and the breadth of your knowledge, this will be placed on pause for now. Use the time and space during this transit to put a strategic plan in place. Review what you can control and what resources you have an abundance of. Combine this with the knowledge you have to be ready to go forward with overhauling your life in a slow and steady process of discarding what holds you back. Build a series of achievements to attain a vast amount of success. This is only possible through sheer hard work and belief.

© Sarah Cochrane 2020.

Mars in Pisces sextile retrograde Jupiter in Capricorn 20th June 2020.

Mars at 25 degrees 13 minutes Pisces is sextile retrograde Jupiter at 25 degrees 13 minutes Capricorn at 7.58 am GMT 8.58 am BST 20th June 2020.

This transit opens up a flow of opportunities to take part in activities that you feel enthusiastic about, which can broaden your knowledge and a range of skills. Blind optimism is put to one side and a more sensible view is taken when choosing the right moment to respond if there are lucky breaks to be used to your advantage. If there is any involvement in legal issues that have been delayed, it’s advisable to use the time available to prepare for such matters for another time, especially if neither side is in the mood for a battle. Making an effort to improve your overall health should go well and the effort made to address health how your health has been affected by over-indulgence should be productive.

© Sarah Cochrane 2020.