Mercury in Taurus square Pluto in Aquarius 3rd April 2023

Mercury at 0 degrees 10 minutes Taurus is square Pluto at 0 degrees 10 minutes Aquarius at 4.23 pm GMT 5.23 pm BST 3rd April 2023.

Wariness about what is involved in making life altering transformations will be at tough nut to crack. Leaving what has been predictable and had been portrayed as stable, regardless of if it’s for better or worse, will cause apprehension or anxiety about what will happen next. It’s not realistic to be prepared for every eventuality for what is unstoppable and unavoidable. There are big changes ahead that won’t be comfortable and will shake things up. The good news is that it’s unlikely to be a severe as you think it could be.

© Sarah Cochrane 2023.

Mercury in Aquarius trine Mars in Gemini 22nd February 2023

Mercury at 16 degrees 45 minutes Aquarius is trine Mars at 16 degrees 45 minutes Gemini at 8.14 pm GMT 22nd February 2023.

Mentally stimulating activity during this transit means that boredom will be in short supply. Take the initiative on your own terms according to what you think should be done and how it should be carried out. Being independent from the influence of popular opinions is useful for having the confidence to align yourself with those who go against the grain of convention. Various avenues to lighten up and make your life more interesting open up pretty quickly. They may not be life changing, but they will be a breath of fresh air.

© Sarah Cochrane 2023.

Mercury in Aquarius sextile Jupiter in Aries 18th February 2023

Mercury at 9 degrees 29 minutes Aquarius is sextile Jupiter at 9 degrees 29 minutes Aries at 2.14 am GMT 18th February 2023.

Keep an open mind to all the options and opportunities within your grasp, and take the first steps to put yourself in the position where you can get the most out of them. Don’t follow in the footsteps of your predecessors; have the courage to be pioneering instead. Just because no one else is doing what you do doesn’t mean that it’s not a good idea. If you want support from those who are supportive of your plans, then do what you can to persuade them to back you; even if from their perspective it’s a gamble. A unique take on what you think can be improved upon for the future; especially in investment and development has the best chance of gaining their attention.

© Sarah Cochrane 2023.

Retrograde Mercury conjunction Venus in Capricorn 29th December 2022

Retrograde Mercury is conjunction Venus at 24 degrees 21 minutes Capricorn at 1.59 pm GMT 29th December 2022.

Clearly expressing your views with those you are socially connected with won’t be as easy as you would like it to be. Repeating what you say so the person you speak to will listen to what you tell them is certainly to be expected. But that doesn’t mean it’s not worth the effort, because the feedback you receive will have good intentions. Even if it’s criticism it will be constructive and not malicious. Networking events will be affected by travel delays and misunderstandings that disrupt schedules, which result in plans being rearranged at the last minute.

© Sarah Cochrane 2022.

Mercury in Sagittarius square Jupiter in Pisces 6th December 2022

Mercury at 29 degrees 4 minutes Sagittarius is square Jupiter at 29 degrees 4 minutes Pisces at 7.06 am GMT 6th December 2022.

Big plans can be created, but getting organised to bring them into reality is another matter entirely. There is a lot of talking but not a lot of doing. Falling into the trap of thinking everything will sort itself out won’t provide success. Those who want to preach their beliefs may be confronted by those who disagree with them. If direct questions are asked that don’t have a clear answer there is a lack of faith in the response that is given. Exaggeration happens more often and when an accurate account of events is requested, it will be blunt and direct.

© Sarah Cochrane 2022.

Mercury in Sagittarius opposition retrograde Mars in Gemini 29th November 2022

Mercury at 19 degrees 18 minutes Sagittarius is opposition retrograde Mars at 19 degrees 18 minutes Gemini at 8.31 pm GMT 29th November 2022.

Giving honest opinions and telling people what you think of them has a high chance of causing disagreements. To get yourself out of trouble a lot of energy will have to be used to think and talk your way out of it. Dominating discussions is not the way forward if you want them to be constructive. Also, it’s not enough to believe you have the correct information before the start of a debate. Step back and check it’s accurate before you speak up. Generally, it’s wise to pause before you speak to give yourself a chance to avoid saying something you will regret in the not-too-distant future.

© Sarah Cochrane 2022.

Mercury in Scorpio trine retrograde Jupiter in Pisces 16th November 2022

Mercury at 28 degrees 54 minutes Scorpio is trine retrograde Jupiter at 28 degrees 54 minutes Pisces 3.44 pm GMT 16th November 2022.

Studying a subject in depth that you feel emotionally connected to and possibly passionate about can reveal a wealth of knowledge that is inspiring. There is a lot that can be learned with little effort. Judicial reviews that cover details which have been missed may offer enlightening insights into what should already have been known. Detective work is also favoured during this transit. If a softer approach is taken with taboo subjects, empathy will go a long way.

© Sarah Cochrane 2022.

Mercury in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn 27th October 2022

Mercury at 26 degrees 12 minutes Libra is square Pluto at 26 degrees 12 minutes Capricorn at 1.06 pm GMT 2.06 pm BST 27th October 2022.

A preoccupation or obsession with one idea or one main issue that plays on your mind may end up wasting your time where the products are stress and frustration. Delving into hidden information that you intend on sharing with others should be done with as much consideration as possible to what the consequences may be. A tolerant understanding for the effect of traumatic events in the past or taboo subjects is sought but not easily found. Those who would prefer to keep is buried to avoid acknowledging or confronting them will have the upper hand. This especially applies to those who have traditionally been in a position of power and control, who are not willing to recognise or have a calm and balanced debate about such matters.

© Sarah Cochrane 2022.

Mercury in Libra trine Mars in Gemini 27th October 2022

Mercury at 25 degrees 32 minutes Libra is trine Mars at 25 degrees 32 minutes Gemini at 3.37 am GMT 4.37 am BST 27th October 2022.

Speaking your mind without starting arguments or causing resentment can be done effectively if you’re clever about it. This is mainly to know where you stand and to let others know where they stand with you. If speeches have to be given they are directed more to what the individual presenting the speech thinks their audience would like to hear. Attention is spent on the positive points and the negative points are acknowledged but have very little mentioned about them. If you’re planning on starting a charm offensive, this transit is capable of doing you a lot of favours. Threats or coercion will get you nowhere, but persuasion will get you past the finishing line.

© Sarah Cochrane 2022.

Mercury in Libra opposition retrograde Jupiter in Aries 12th October 2022

Mercury at 1 degree 41 minutes Libra is opposition retrograde Jupiter 1 degree 41 minutes Aries at 7.25 am GMT 8.25 am BST 12th October 2022.

Taking into account all the positive points and the negative points if a big decision has to be made could be a great undertaking. This has the possibility of being so overwhelming that there are too many options to consider, so nothing is done. Reducing these options causes at least a slight amount of anxiety about making a choice that suits most people instead of being the best choice overall. Pompous and arrogant people could have their comeuppance, if they meet those who are able to use charm and intelligence against those who oppose them. Not the best transit for those who are self-righteous, because their judgement could be out of balance and what they believe to be true isn’t entirely accurate.

© Sarah Cochrane 2022.