Sun in Gemini trine retrograde Pluto in Aquarius 21st May 2023

The Sun at 0 degrees 16 minutes Gemini is trine retrograde Pluto at 0 degrees 16 minutes Aquarius at 1.54 pm GMT 2.54 pm BST.

Self-control benefits your capability to accurately perceive what happens around you and how to articulate your response. Important and life altering changes for self-improvement should be considered and streamlined. Analyse your weaknesses and transform them into strengths or eliminate them. Unusual or innovative methods as part of psychoanalysis will give a better understanding of how you define yourself. If there are elements of your past that randomly arise to torment you, this transit is helpful for coming to terms with how you were affected, so you can evolve and have power over your future.

© Sarah Cochrane 2023.

Mars in Leo opposition retrograde Pluto in Aquarius 21st May 2023

Mars at 0 degrees 16 minutes Leo is opposition retrograde Pluto at 0 degrees 16 minutes Aquarius at 3.04 am GMT 4.04 am BST 21st May 2023.

Liberation from the control of those who want to dominate by restricting freedom, will have to be fought for with courage and no intention to surrender. People who want to force their rule on others will face opposition from individuals who object to authority of plutocrats. Loyalties are tested and it will become very clear who is going to stand by you and who isn’t. Compromise is not on the agenda and there are big changes ahead whether you like it or not. Taking the lead and directing a course of action where you want it to go has its challenges; slowing down or stopping risks defeat.

© Sarah Cochrane 2023.

Jupiter in Taurus square retrograde Pluto in Aquarius 18th May 2023

Jupiter at 0 degrees 18 minutes Taurus is square retrograde Pluto at 0 degrees 18 minutes Aquarius at 12.50 am GMT 1.50 am BST 18th May 2023.

Rebelling against the beliefs of the majority that has been integrated into society will be hard going; even if they are logically proven to be wrong. This is because certain beliefs have been maintained for so long, there will be immense resistance if they’re challenged. Taking control of your finances, especially investments, loans and debts is not necessarily the nicest of experiences. Not doing so could be severely financially destructive; it can’t be ignored. Harsh truths about how much is spent and how big debts have become may be overwhelming; doing nothing will make matters worse. Also wasting money is extremely inadvisable. You will need as much financial reserves as you can build up, so you have freedom from worrying about not having enough to live on if your income suddenly decreases and costs rise.

© Sarah Cochrane 2023.

Sun in Taurus square Pluto in Aquarius 20th April 2023

The Sun at 0 degrees 20 minutes Taurus is square Pluto at 0 degrees 20 minutes Aquarius at 4.23 pm GMT 5.23 pm BST 20th April 2023.

Putting a lot of pressure on yourself won’t be as productive as you want it to be. Radical change may be needed, but at the same time you could be more resistant than you thought you would be. Letting go of old habits and methods that you have regularly relied on can no longer serve you as it once did. When confronting people in a position of power and authority, you will certainly struggle to make any progress if both of you are as stubborn as each other. However, it doesn’t mean you should give in. It will test stamina and resistance; you could find hidden strengths that increase your resilience.

© Sarah Cochrane 2023.

Venus in Gemini trine Pluto in Aquarius 11th April 2023

Venus at 0 degrees 16 minutes Gemini is trine Pluto at 0 degrees 16 minutes Aquarius at 10.11 am GMT 11.11 am BST 11th April 2023.

This transit gives immense pleasure that freedom brings and clears the way to make vital changes to improve your life. Relationships initiated now can be intense without being suffocating. Independence and having control placed in your hands could be a little daunting at first, but having a connection with your supporters, even if it’s only vocal support, can give you the push you need to go forward and not hesitate. Power to the people is a strong theme at the moment with those who share the same ideals. Information is power and the reach of various routes of communication can make it unstoppable.

© Sarah Cochrane 2023.

Mercury in Taurus square Pluto in Aquarius 3rd April 2023

Mercury at 0 degrees 10 minutes Taurus is square Pluto at 0 degrees 10 minutes Aquarius at 4.23 pm GMT 5.23 pm BST 3rd April 2023.

Wariness about what is involved in making life altering transformations will be at tough nut to crack. Leaving what has been predictable and had been portrayed as stable, regardless of if it’s for better or worse, will cause apprehension or anxiety about what will happen next. It’s not realistic to be prepared for every eventuality for what is unstoppable and unavoidable. There are big changes ahead that won’t be comfortable and will shake things up. The good news is that it’s unlikely to be a severe as you think it could be.

© Sarah Cochrane 2023.

Pluto enters Aquarius 23rd March 2023

Pluto enters Aquarius at 4.39 pm GMT 23rd March 2023.

Pluto in astrology is well known for being associated with death and renewal, power and control as well as transformations and once in a lifetime changes. When Pluto moves from Capricorn into Aquarius it will be less predictable and tougher to plan for. Those who have abused their position of power and authority will encounter rebellion by those who no longer accept being controlled. Technological revolutions; most likely in the shape of AI, will completely change the landscape of our lives. Pluto influences underground and hidden natural resources. This will have a strong effect on nature and climate change. There will be two choices. One is to do nothing or very little to prevent a catastrophe from happening, with shocking results that could be devastating for humanity. The other is to drastically alter how we behave to reduce the harm we do to nature and the environment (especially with fossil fuels), where an unsustainable demand on the resources of the Earth is halted, through the use of technological advances. Pluto will turn retrograde to visit Capricorn before turning direct again towards Aquarius. This stage of transiting Pluto should be used as a practice run before the main event of Pluto transiting Aquarius without returning to Capricorn. Please note the effect of transiting Pluto progresses slowly, it will be a long journey.

© Sarah Cochrane 2023.

Mercury in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn 27th October 2022

Mercury at 26 degrees 12 minutes Libra is square Pluto at 26 degrees 12 minutes Capricorn at 1.06 pm GMT 2.06 pm BST 27th October 2022.

A preoccupation or obsession with one idea or one main issue that plays on your mind may end up wasting your time where the products are stress and frustration. Delving into hidden information that you intend on sharing with others should be done with as much consideration as possible to what the consequences may be. A tolerant understanding for the effect of traumatic events in the past or taboo subjects is sought but not easily found. Those who would prefer to keep is buried to avoid acknowledging or confronting them will have the upper hand. This especially applies to those who have traditionally been in a position of power and control, who are not willing to recognise or have a calm and balanced debate about such matters.

© Sarah Cochrane 2022.

Mars in Taurus trine retrograde Pluto in Capricorn 14th August 2022

Mars at 26 degrees 46 minutes Taurus is trine retrograde Pluto at 26 degrees 46 minutes Capricorn at 9.20 pm GMT 10.20 pm BST 14th August 2022.

An intense and persistent drive of energy can be directed at preparing to transform what you are no longer willing to tolerate. This transit is helpful for discovering what you want to change or regenerate, and how to put together a course of action to make it happen. Starting an immense amount of research without wasting time on distractions will be a lot easier no in order to achieve what you set out to do. Although effort is required, it won’t be as demanding as expected.

© Sarah Cochrane 2022.

Mars in Aries square retrograde Pluto in Capricorn 2nd July 2022

Mars at 27 degrees 46 minutes Aries is square retrograde Pluto at 27 degrees 46 minutes Capricorn at 2.08 am GMT 3.08 am BST 2nd July 2022.

Dramatic and destructive action taken by those who are traditionally in a position of power and control will be fought against by those who are fired up to commence battle with the old order. The former may find they are not as strong as they thought they would be in the face of those who resist their domination, so they will have to dig deep to find what resources are available to them. Generally there is a surge of energy that is difficult to direct towards a route where it can’t cause damage in one way or another. It may be necessary to relinquish control to allow a process of regeneration to take place. This can be immensely stressful but could be needed to avoid huge challenges that you would otherwise be battling for a long time. Also there is an increase of explosive anger; either from yourself or from people or during events around you. It’s definitely not the time to make enemies as they can be incredibly aggressive and possibly obsessive in getting their revenge.

© Sarah Cochrane 2022.