Sun in Gemini trine retrograde Pluto in Aquarius 21st May 2023

The Sun at 0 degrees 16 minutes Gemini is trine retrograde Pluto at 0 degrees 16 minutes Aquarius at 1.54 pm GMT 2.54 pm BST.

Self-control benefits your capability to accurately perceive what happens around you and how to articulate your response. Important and life altering changes for self-improvement should be considered and streamlined. Analyse your weaknesses and transform them into strengths or eliminate them. Unusual or innovative methods as part of psychoanalysis will give a better understanding of how you define yourself. If there are elements of your past that randomly arise to torment you, this transit is helpful for coming to terms with how you were affected, so you can evolve and have power over your future.

© Sarah Cochrane 2023.

Sun in Taurus sextile Saturn in Pisces 25th April 2023

The Sun at 4 degrees 59 minutes Taurus is sextile Saturn at 4 degrees 59 minutes Pisces at 10.49 am GMT 11.49 am BST 25th April 2023.

The lessons learned during experiences when you were vulnerable were necessary to make you a stronger and more resilient person. It’s time to construct your life into how you want to live. This won’t happen rapidly, but putting together the foundations is a good start for now. Being self-disciplined without punishing yourself, or working too hard is the most productive option to take. If you need to tap into the knowledge of an expert of a particular area, they should be willing to help if they see you would make good use of their assistance. If an individual requires you expertise it will be because you fell an obligation and a duty to offer it to them.

© Sarah Cochrane 2023.

Sun in Taurus square Pluto in Aquarius 20th April 2023

The Sun at 0 degrees 20 minutes Taurus is square Pluto at 0 degrees 20 minutes Aquarius at 4.23 pm GMT 5.23 pm BST 20th April 2023.

Putting a lot of pressure on yourself won’t be as productive as you want it to be. Radical change may be needed, but at the same time you could be more resistant than you thought you would be. Letting go of old habits and methods that you have regularly relied on can no longer serve you as it once did. When confronting people in a position of power and authority, you will certainly struggle to make any progress if both of you are as stubborn as each other. However, it doesn’t mean you should give in. It will test stamina and resistance; you could find hidden strengths that increase your resilience.

© Sarah Cochrane 2023.

Sun in Pisces square Mars in Gemini 16th March 2023

The Sun at 25 degrees 53 minutes Pisces is square Mars at 25 degrees 53 minutes Gemini at 6.10 pm GMT 16th March 2023.

Energy and enthusiasm are present but perhaps not orientated to any particular direction. Not knowing what task to tackle first will lead to scattering your time and effort into too many places where nothing is completed after it has been started during this transit. Accidents have an increased risk of happening; mainly due to distraction and a lack of concentration when it’s most important. Also, be vigilant about an increased vulnerability to infection; especially if it’s caused by injury. Being quick to respond to defend yourself is acceptable if you are under attack, but being overly defensive if no attack is intended can result in conflict that didn’t have to be initiated.

© Sarah Cochrane 2023.

Sun in Aquarius sextile Jupiter in Aries 25th January 2023

The Sun at 4 degrees 48 minutes is sextile Jupiter at 4 degrees 48 minutes Aries at 1.31 am GMT 25th January 2023.

Going along with your own drumbeat and showing off your unique traits can open up new opportunities that are more suited to you than anyone else. If you want to gain attention for your knowledge and experience, do it on your own terms in your own way. Those in a position of authority or who have a wealth of resources to hand will be looking for alternative and innovative projects to take a chance on. Looking to technological developments for the future is very much the focus at the moment. It will become clear it’s not an option to stay stuck in the past.

© Sarah Cochrane 2023.

Sun in Sagittarius opposition retrograde Mars in Gemini 8th December 2022

The Sun at 16 degrees 6 minutes Sagittarius is opposition retrograde Mars at 16 degrees 6 minutes Gemini at 5.42 am GMT.

What has accomplished with physical exertion could become partially or completely undone, depending on how quickly you respond. Trying to do too much during this transit will lead to exhaustion and feeling frazzled. It’s better to concentrate on reaching one target rather than do as much as you can in a short amount of time, otherwise you will be wasting your time and energy. Being assertive may stir up opposition from those who don’t take kindly to you making your presence felt. Pushing back against that reaction is what should be done, but going too far may cause a confrontation.

© Sarah Cochrane 2022.

Sun in Scorpio trine retrograde Jupiter in Pisces 21st November 2022

The Sun at 28 degrees 49 minutes Scorpio is trine retrograde Jupiter at 28 degrees 49 minutes Pisces at 4.06 am GMT 21st November 2022.

Sticking to your own beliefs instead of being persuaded to go along with what others believe, will give you strength. Personal judgement is less forgiving, but not with nasty intentions. This has the purpose to filter out those who are deserving of your benevolence from those who are not. You could find that you are in the right place at the right time. If good fortune happens to fall “onto your lap” it’s best to keep it to yourself, rather than brag about it. Those who are deserving of good karma could find it occurs during this transit, especially if they have recently gone through tough times.

© Sarah Cochrane 2022.

Sun in Libra opposition retrograde Jupiter in Aries 26th September 2022

The Sun at 3 degrees 42 minutes Libra is opposition retrograde Jupiter at 3 degrees 42 minutes Aries at 7.34 pm GMT 8.34 pm BST 26th September 2022.

Temptation to impulsively surrender to the allure of luxuries and expensive food is restrained by your better judgement. This won’t be fun but you won’t be overwhelmed with misery either. The fear of missing out will be there but in retrospect there won’t be a justification for it. Overextending yourself in where you want to go and what you want to do could be fuelled by a search for an overall balance of experiences. Don’t be afraid to say no if you need to and have the courage to delegate to others if they will be of great assistance.

© Sarah Cochrane 2022.

Sun in Virgo opposition retrograde Neptune in Pisces 16th September 2022

The Sun at 24 degrees 2 minutes Virgo is opposition retrograde Neptune at 24 degrees 2 minutes Pisces at 10.21 pm GMT 11.21 pm BST 16th September 2022.

Any uncertainty or a lack of direction where it’s difficult to find some clarity can stir up anxiety, which in turn can have a detrimental effect on your confidence and physical well-being. Take care of yourself by looking after your physical and mental health; don’t allow yourself to be drawn into making sacrifices that drain your strength. Have faith in your ability to be rational and use common sense if there is a tendency for you to get carried away with your imagination. Avoid self-centred over-thinking as it has a stronger negative influence than usual on your self-esteem. Maintaining equilibrium between being pragmatic about personal matters and retreating into your own little world won’t be the easiest task to do. There could be an urge to become organised, but distractions where you’re inclined to waste your time will steer you off course.

© Sarah Cochrane 2022.

Sun in Virgo square Mars in Gemini 27th August 2022

The Sun at 3 degrees 57 minutes Virgo is trine Mars at 3 degrees 57 minutes Gemini at 5.28 am GMT 6.28 am BST 27th August 2022.

There is pressure to do what you say you will do, which may cause minor anxiety if you don’t want to let anyone down. Self-criticism won’t be at all productive. It could weaken instead of giving you strength, to confront and discuss what to do with barriers that have to be defeated with intelligence rather than brute force. Disagreements can happen if a plan of action is not going the way you want it to. Irritability and impatience with trivial matters shouldn’t cause serious arguments, but this behaviour is still capable of causing trouble; although it won’t be severe or destructive. Do not waste time and energy chasing perfection. It’s acceptable to do the best you can with what you have.

© Sarah Cochrane 2022.