Venus in Leo square retrograde Uranus in Taurus 15th September 2020

Venus at 10 degrees 18 minutes Leo is square retrograde Uranus at 10 degrees 18 minutes Taurus at 3.30 pm GMT 4.30 pm BST 15th September 2020.

Tension from unexpected sources can resurface which is uncomfortable and can catch you off guard. In relationships you may realise it’s time to shake things up a bit and put forward what you want from them. Sure this could be seen as unnecessarily rocking the boat, but sticking with what is mundane and predictable isn’t accepted at the moment. Also there could be events that test the durability of relationships, so if a relationship is worth fighting for then fight for it. Where money is concerned it’s best not to spend on luxuries as there could be a sudden demand on your finances to provide what is needed or has to be paid for. This may be boring and dampen your excitement about buying what makes you feel good now, but it will be appreciated in the near future.

© Sarah Cochrane 2020.

Mercury in Virgo sextile Venus in Cancer 4th September 2020

Mercury at 28 degrees 26 minutes Virgo is sextile Venus at 28 degrees 26 minutes Cancer at 8.32 pm GMT 9.32 pm BST 4th September 2020.

Calm and quiet spaces to relax have a strong appeal at the moment. If the opportunity arises do what is best for your mind and heart. You could find you are busy filtering out those who you are not alienated from exactly, but who you are not connected with on a similar mental and emotional level. Discussions about love and friendship, where feelings can be freely and articulately expressed should make those involved feel wanted. If you want to tell someone how much you care about them, especially the little things they do for you then now is a good time to do so.

© Sarah Cochrane 2020.

Venus in Cancer square Mars in Aries 4th September 2020

Venus at 27 degrees 55 minutes Cancer is square Mars at 27 degrees 55 minutes Aries at 9.13 am GMT 10.13 am BST 4th September 2020.

Combining emotional needs with physical needs in relationships may become complicated. The desire for a close bond is at odds with impatience with there not being enough action or excitement. People within your social sphere may be too tied up in their priorities to be attentive to you. This isn’t intended to be hurtful, it’s just a possibility they could have a lot on their plate right now. Seeking comfort from food or accumulating more possessions could bring temporary satisfaction, but once this has faded there can be feelings of frustration, especially if time and money were wasted due to impulsive choices.

© Sarah Cochrane 2020.

Venus in Cancer opposition retrograde Saturn in Capricorn 2nd September 2020

Venus at 25 degrees 54 minutes Cancer is opposition retrograde Saturn at 25 degrees 54 minutes Capricorn at 12.18 pm GMT 1.18 pm BST 2nd September 2020.

What you want to nurture and protect has to be balanced with duties and obligations that have to be repeated to make important accomplishments. Enjoyment of spending time with family and friends is acceptable, but there is the risk of getting out of tough with what you want to achieve. The opposite could happen when you may spend too much time working and not enough time showing those you care about how much you appreciate them. Disappointments in relationships can happen which lead you to re-evaluate how seriously you are or want to be committed to them.

© Sarah Cochrane 2020.

Venus in Cancer opposition retrograde Pluto in Capricorn 30th August 2020

Venus at 22 degrees 46 minutes Cancer is opposition retrograde Pluto at 22 degrees 46 minutes Capricorn at 1.27 pm GMT 2.27 pm BST 30th August 2020.

The process of transformation and elimination of restrictions that affect your ability to achieve what is important to you can be very uncomfortable during this transit. An affection for or sentimentality to what makes you feel comfortable and secure can be very difficult for you to let go. Defensive, protective and persuasive behaviour may be expressed in order to hang on to what is possessed or what is desired, which ultimately has to be released. Indulgence has to make way for self-discipline where money and material possessions are concerned. Conserve rather than spend and waste your resources; it can help you to gain more power and control over what you can do with your life.

© Sarah Cochrane 2020.

Venus in Cancer trine retrograde Neptune in Pisces 27th August 2020

Venus at 19 degrees 57 minutes Cancer is trine retrograde Neptune at 19 degrees 57 minutes Pisces at 9.13 pm GMT 10.13 pm BST 27th August 2020.

Showing how much you care about the people who you cherish in your life involves a reconsideration of what you are willing to do for them to show compassion and empathy. If you’re not quite sure what to do with your time at the moment, you could find you’re in the mood to relax and take a rest from the demands of reality. An enjoyment of what makes you comfortable and gives you a feeling of safety and security, combined with escaping from the harshness of reality can be very appealing. There will be some individuals who will enjoy reminiscing about their past, although they may only choose to remember nice experiences and ignore the ones that were harsh.

© Sarah Cochrane 2020.

Venus in Cancer opposition retrograde Jupiter in Capricorn 25th August 2020

Venus at 17 degrees 56 minutes Cancer is opposition retrograde Jupiter at 17 degrees 56 minutes Capricorn at 10.27 pm GMT 11.27 pm BST 25th August 2020.

Self-indulgence can provide a source of comfort and enjoyment, but a sensible hand holds the purse strings, so don’t expect any grand and extravagant expressions of wealth. You may feel like you want to spend more than you should on little luxuries to make you feel good, but this should be balanced with holding onto what resources you have so you can be better prepared for harder times ahead.

© Sarah Cochrane 2020.

Venus in Cancer sextile Uranus in Taurus 18th August 2020.

Venus at 10 degrees 41 minutes Cancer is sextile retrograde Uranus at 10 degrees 41 minutes Taurus at 7.28 pm GMT 8.28 pm BST 18th August 2020.

A welcome change from your usual routine may arrive when you least expect, but as Venus is in Cancer and retrograde Uranus is in Taurus the fun you have is more likely to happen at home than far away. Now is not the moment when you want to be willing to accommodate those who bore you. New friends can be found who you have an emotional connection with, who you may have previously overlooked because they don’t often make an appearance anywhere near you. There is a desire for newly discovered freedom to live your life as you please, and as far as you’re concerned the restrictions of convention can step aside. A temptation to give into an urge to rebel can be good for you right now if your instinct tells you it’s the best option for you. Fortunately it won’t go too far where you won’t otherwise find yourself in an uncomfortable situation.

© Sarah Cochrane 2020.

Venus in Gemini square retrograde Neptune in Pisces 27th July 2020

Venus at 20 degrees 39 minutes Gemini is square retrograde Neptune at 20 degrees 39 minutes Pisces at 5.48 pm GMT 6.48 pm BST 27th July 2020.

What you think you want in terms of what can make your present circumstances materialistically more comfortable conflicts with fulfilling your emotional needs, which are hard to pin down. It’s possible there will be those who feel that something is missing and may try to fill the void with money and possessions. New romantic attachments during this transit are short-lived, as they’re ended when reality overwhelms fantasy of what is expected to be received.

© Sarah Cochrane 2020.

Retrograde Venus in Gemini square Mars in Pisces 3rd June 2020.

Retrograde Venus at 14 degrees 3 minutes Gemini is square Mars at 14 degrees 3 minutes Pisces at 12.41 am GMT 1.41 am BST 3rd June 2020.

An inconsistent flow of ideas about what is wanted from relationships, social contacts or whatever else is desired leads to a lack of assertiveness or an unclear course of action to get them. Not wanting to cause any upset due to how uncomfortable or awkward it may be won’t make anyone happy. It’s much better to take a step back to give yourself a chance to edit and re-edit what you want from relationships that won’t drain your strength. Hidden tensions within existing relationships could come to the surface. They’re unlikely to be serious, but there is a sense of not knowing what to do about them. Don’t try too hard to address them; save your energy for another time.

© Sarah Cochrane 2020.