Venus in Cancer trine retrograde Neptune in Pisces 18th July 2019.

Venus at 18 degrees 32 minutes Cancer is retrograde Neptune at 18 degrees 32 minutes Pisces at 6.03 pm GMT 7.03 pm BST 18th July 2019.

Showing how much you care about the people who you cherish in your life involves a reconsideration of what you are willing to do for them to show compassion and empathy. If you’re not quite sure what to do with your time at the moment, you could find you’re in the mood to indulge in a pleasant form of escapism to take a rest from the demands of reality. An enjoyment of what makes you comfortable and gives you a feeling of safety and security, combined with escaping from the harshness of reality can be very appealing. There will be some individuals who will enjoy reminiscing about their past, although they may only choose to remember pleasant experiences.

© Sarah Cochrane 2019.


Venus in Cancer opposition retrograde Saturn in Capricorn 17th July 2019.

Venus at 16 degrees 40 minutes Cancer is opposition retrograde Saturn at 16 degrees 40 minutes Capricorn at 5.35 am GMT 6.35 am BST 17th July 2019.

What you want to nurture and protect has to be balanced with duties and obligations that have to be repeated to make important accomplishments. Enjoyment of spending time with family and friends is acceptable, but there is the risk of getting out of tough with what you want to achieve. The opposite could happen when you may spend too much time working and not enough time showing those you care about how much you appreciate them. Disappointments in relationships can happen which lead you to re-evaluate how seriously you are or want to be committed to them.

© Sarah Cochrane 2019.

Lunar eclipse Moon in Capricorn 16th July 2019.

The lunar eclipse Moon is at 24 degrees 4 minutes Capricorn at 9.39 pm GMT 10.39 pm BST 16th July 2019.

This lunar eclipse Moon in Capricorn can be used to assess what progress has been made to achieve what you want from life and what more can be done. See where you struggle with feelings of pessimism, self-doubt or inhibition and decide on how you can work hard and persevere to reduce the influence those feelings have. Taking a look at personal vulnerabilities and weaknesses will enable you to build up your defences, to protect yourself should you need to. It’s especially applicable if there are any personal experiences of hardship during the next 6 months.

© Sarah Cochrane 2019.

Sun in Cancer opposition retrograde Pluto in Capricorn 14th July 2019.

The Sun at 21 degrees 53 minutes Cancer is retrograde Pluto at 21 degrees 53 minutes Capricorn at 2.47 pm GMT 3.47 pm BST 14th July 2019.

A balance needs to be met between what you need for self-fulfilment, and a drive to eliminate what restricts your ability to achieve and reach landmarks in your life that are substantial and dramatic. Strong sentimental attachments to elements of your past that provide security that will steer you to reassess what and how you can cope with transformations, taking into account how tough they can be. An even amount of emotion and rationality are essential for the best or least severe conclusion to events influenced by this transit.

© Sarah Cochrane 2019.

Mars in Leo square Uranus in Taurus 11th July 2019.

Mars at 6 degrees 13 minutes Leo is square Uranus at 6 degrees 13 minutes Taurus at 6.01 pm GMT 7.01 pm BST 11th July 2019.

Frustration and restlessness arise with obstructions that are in the way of your ability to take the initiative without having to answer to anyone. Unexpected challenges will demand perseverance and stubbornness if they are to be defeated. Your courage and strength of will are tested to the hilt in ways that could not be predicted. The best courses of action involve the use of common sense and patience. Charging ahead with the attitude that you know best in every circumstance won’t work to your advantage. However, if you need to fight your corner against being controlled, brace yourself for a battle where nobody will be certain about who will win. For some individuals this will make them feel more alive than they have for a long time.

© Sarah Cochrane 2019.

Sun in Cancer trine retrograde Neptune in Pisces 11th July 2019.

The Sun at 18 degrees 37 minutes Cancer is trine retrograde Neptune at 18 degrees 37 minutes Pisces at 4.32 am GMT 5.32 am BST 11th July 2019.

By reviewing how you’re affected by uncertainty you will be in stronger position to deal with how it affects you. Have confidence in your emotional responses and your instinct. Believe it or not, during this transit sensitivity is strength not a weakness; you will know how to protect yourself if you feel vulnerable. Regenerate your strength by taking time to escape for a while; do what you can to be kind to yourself. Look at what part of you should be nurtured.

© Sarah Cochrane 2019.

Sun in Cancer opposition retrograde Saturn in Capricorn 9th July 2019.

The Sun at 17 degrees 13 minutes Cancer is opposition retrograde Saturn at 17 degrees 13 minutes Capricorn at 5.08 pm GMT 6.08 pm BST 9th July 2019.

Building up a hard shell to defend yourself is a fine balancing act where at one moment you feel the need to be bulletproof and the next moment show strength in revealing your softer side. Lessons that you learned from the past and how they made you feel could resurface. At times this can be painful, but it can also motivate you to work hard and achieve what is most important to you, in an effort to prevent similar experiences being repeated.

© Sarah Cochrane 2019.